Perseids meteors

I hope everyone got a chance to see the Perseids meteor shower this morning. I did not bother planning any photography given the bad weather forecast but just dragged an air mattress out to the driveway at 1:30 to enjoy the show and found nearly clear skies. We saw one about every 3-5 minutes with several bright enough to leave a persistent smoke trail. Lexi joined us and one of the brighter meteors made her look up. Although this morning was the peak, the show will go on for another couple of weeks as the Earth moves through the million mile wide dust trail left over from comet Swift Tuttle’s orbit around the Sun. Best time is after midnight. Turn off all the lights (the bright light in the video is a reflection from an infrared camera so not visible to humans) and just look up – no binoculars or telescope needed. Although the meteors appear to radiate from near the constellation Perseus, they can appear anywhere in the sky.

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