Balsam skies

Comet ZTF

Here we go again – another new comet that “might” brighten to just barely naked eye visibility – maybe. The brightness of comets is notoriously hard to predict since as they near the sun some of their mass will boil away from the intense solar heat. Comets are bundles of ice and rock left over …

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Dark Sky Week

April 22-30 is Dark Sky Week and the International Dark Sky Association is sponsoring a number of events around the world to highlight the damage that light pollution does to our natural environment. As an amateur astronomer, I am keenly aware of the impact that unnecessary outdoor lighting has on observing and photographing the night …

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Changes to Dogstar website

Be sure to check out some new updates to images tab which now includes views from my new all sky camera. You can see the current image and a time lapse of all images taken the night before. We are also waiting on a new weather station so the data is not being updated currently.