Current equipment

My primary interest is in astrophotogrpahy which means that usually there is a mass of gear and cables on the telescope. When we have visitors, everyone wants to “look” through an eyepiece to see some celestial object. The problem is that switching between visual observing and astrophotogrpahy is quite involved and can take an hour or more to get everything aligned and focused. The answer is “electronically aided astronomy” or EAA. Its a fancy name for having equipment that will display astronomical images “live” on a screen as they are being “stacked” by taking a sequence of exposures and adding them together in real time. There are multiple advantages to EAA; the same setup can still capture traditional astro photos for off-line processing, a camera is hundreds of times more sensitive that the human eye which means that you can see things on the monitor that you would never see through the eyepiece, and by using a monitor more folks can gather around the telescope for those “wow” moments that amateur astronomers all love to hear. 


Telescope: Astro-Physics 130mm f6.3 Starfire EDF Gran Tourismo

Mount: Astro-Physics 1200GTO with GTOCP4 controller

Main camera: ZWO ASI 294MM Pro

Guide camera: ZWO ASI192MM mini

Filter wheel: ZWO EFW

Focuser: Pegasus Astro FocusCube2

Rotator: Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator

Power distribution: Pegasus Astro Power Box Advanced

PC: Intel NUC

Other Photos from the Observatory Archives