Weather Station

Yes, having a home weather station is definitely a sign of “geekishness”. I have had numerous consumer models over the years but none have lasted very long in the harsh conditions in the mountains. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Rainwise MK-III LR  professional station and so far it has performed flawlessly. Its very easy to install and with the IP-100 interface, it connects directly to hour home network via your LAN. You can configure the station to push data to public web sites like Weather Underground and Ambient Weather. 


Data from the station is shown below.  I am still working on a better display but in the mean time you should be able to navigate around the Ambient Weather page. If you want to access the page directly click here. You can also get weather data from Weather Underground. This is the current station KNCSYLVA86 and I kept the old station for historical data at KNCSYLVA4