A lucky shot from over 30 taken with a hand-held DSLR back on June 22nd when there was a large storm between Balsam and Waynesville. We observed about an hour of active cloud-to-cloud lightning. Sometimes referred to as ‘heat lightning’ it has nothing to do with heat but generally used to describe distant lightning strikes …

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Dogstar Internet is Down

In case you are checking the Dogstar Observatory weather or webcams you may have noticed they have not updated in a couple of days. We have an outage with Frontier’s Internet service and they are trying to find the source of the problem. Jim  

More Snow Pics

We got about 4 inches of new snow last night and looks like the storm is just about over. More pics of Sam and snow along East Reach below. Good job by Balsam Maintenance keeping the roads plowed and passable.   Jim