Merlefest 2024

Now for something completely unrelated to astronomy or nature – music! I attended Merlefest at Wilkesboro Community College this weekend. MerleFest was founded in 1988 in memory of Eddy Merle Watson as a fundraiser for Wilkes Community College and to celebrate ‘traditional plus’ music. 100 bands, 11 stages and 7,000 fans attended the four day …

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Dogstar AI

This is so cool I just had to post it. As we all know, AI software is advancing rapidly with many tools available from chat bots to image and even video generation. Many of the tools are free to explore so do check out ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and MidJourney. Adobe just released Firefly, their new …

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Frozen Falls

Licklog Falls were partially frozen last week when the temperature dropped below zero. Water streaming under the ice looks like worms!

New Dogstar Website

The Dogstar website has been updated and improved. I have added new About and Home pages but much of the rest is in the same for now. I will also be adding some new pages featuring new astro and wildlife photos. Also look for new pages with recommendations on telescopes for beginners. Please let me …

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Comet NEOWISE 2020/F3

A comet visible to the naked eye is a rare occurrence. A comet approaching the Sun was recently discovered by NASA’s NEOWISE satellite. Today is its closest approach to the Sun where it is heating up and brightening rapidly. Observers in Arizona have been able to photograph it with a short exposure in the early …

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Upcoming ISS Passes

We are finally getting some clear skies and the International Space Station will be visible the next few nights. Tonight’s pass at 9:36 is especially good since it’s almost directly overhead and will be very bright.

Dogstar back on line

The Dogstar web site should be mostly back on line following the lightning strike we had. For some reason the weather and webcam pages are not refreshing properly – just hit the update or refresh button on your browser and you should see the latest photos and weather data. Jim

Dogstar Weather Off Line

The lightning storm on Tuesday took out some of the network boxes at Dogstar Observatory so the weather and webcams are off line until I can get someone to fix the problem. Clear skies Jim