Deep sky image from a tiny telescope

Automated astro imaging telescopes have become very popular in the past few years. “Serious” astro photography typically requires rather expensive and complex gear and associated software as anyone who has seen Dogstar Observatory can attest. These automated scopes combine an telescope, camera and motorized mount into a single package that can be operated from a phone or tablet. The images are small and lower resolution than a larger scope but they are inexpensive and very easy to use. They make great tools for EAA – electronically assisted astronomy where images are displayed almost instantly in a group setting rather than after hours of post processing with programs like Photoshop. This image of the Veil Nebula (NGC6960) was taken with a Seestar50 and is the result of about an hour of “stacking” where the scope takes a succession of short images and adds them together to yield the equivalent of a very long exposure. If you are looking for an entry level ‘scope then check out the Seestar or the EVScope from Unistellar


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