Bird Weather

For all you birders out there, you can now easily keep track of the species that are hanging around your backyard. Cornell University pioneered the BirdNet app for mobile phones which automatically recognizes birds by their call and can upload the result to the Birdweather web site. The same system has been developed as the Birdnet.pi software package for the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer for the DIY crowd or for an interesting projects for kids. An now the Birdweather PUC provides a plug-and-play alternative that you can mount permanently outside or carry on hikes. It connects to your home Wi-Fi or phone and captures bird songs and uploads them to the Birdweather site where AI routines attempt to identify the species. Birds must be on holiday where its warm since the only ones we have detected this week are the Dark-eyed Junko and Golden-crowned Kinglet (assuming the detection is accurate). Hopefully the entrepid folks who join Michael on the bird count tomorrow will find these and many more!

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