Countdown to the 2024 solar eclipse

Six weeks and counting to the great 2024 solar eclipse. Unless you are willing to travel internationally, not many folks get to see more than one total solar eclipse in their lifetime. The upcoming eclipse on April 8th will be the second visible in the US in only 16 years. Now is a good time to get ready whether you are staying home or traveling to the path of totality. This handy guide will show you where to see the path of totality and how much of a partial eclipse you will see if you decide to stay home. In Asheville, and all of western NC, the sun will be about 85% obscured by the moon (see below). Also don’t forget solar glasses – you may have some left over from the 2007 eclipse. If they are the inexpensive cardboard type, make sure the plastic filters are not scratched and don’t have any pinholes. A quick glance at the sun with the glasses would be advised. Its also not too late to order new ones. I suggest the Chop Shop Store which supports the Planetary Society with astronomical merch and has good prices last time I checked. I will leave some at the Nature Center in case you need a pair.

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