Orion as a dog sees it

Many of you have probably heard me remark that if we have the sensitive eyes of a dog (or a cat for that matter) the night sky would look nothing like we see it. Thats because between all the stars we can see there are huge areas of glowing gas (nebula) that are either stars in the process of forming or the results of star deaths where they return their birth gases of mostly hydrogen and helium into the elements that make up planets, rocks and life.

Some of the brighter nebula like Orion and the Pleiades are visible to the naked eye. A camera with just a few seconds of time exposure approaches the sensitivity of an animals eyes and Orion and its surrounds would look something like this photo (which was featured as an Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA). If you think the full moon is large, about four moons would fit between Alnitak and Mintaka – the stars at the end of Orion’s belt!

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