Amazing, stunning, rare aurora in NC

If you missed last night be sure to go out tonight after dark. All these photos from taken from the deck and front yard. The sky to north over the Plott Balsams was so bright it cast shadows. The best show was straight up and to the south. It started just after dark and continued to midnight. Lots of clouds and wind gave the night a real eire feeling and your brain knew something was off. The sun dealt the earth a G5 class solar flare which is the highest on the scale and the most intense in the US in over 20 years. I remember faint auroras in rural Georgia in 2003 where you could see nothing with the naked eye but cameras captures a diffuse red glow. Last night was much more intense with easily visible streamers moving across the sky with a hint of blue and red color. A few seconds exposure on a DSLR brought out the stunning details. We are thinking about driving up to Water Rock Knob tonight to get more sky to see.

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