2017 Solar Eclipse – one year later

One year ago BMP, mother nature and good friends came together for a celebration we will not forget. I have lost count of the number of times folks have told me that seeing the solar eclipse changed their lives – it certainly changed mine. Its an experience I wish we could repeat over and over again but alas we will have to wait until 2024 for the next total eclipse visible in the US. Even if we can witness another eclipse, the coming together of some many friends and families will be hard to duplicate. I want to again thank everyone at the club, security, maintenance and BMP staff for putting together such a memorable occasion. Thanks also to everyone who has made a financial commitment to the Trust and have received the eclipse montage as a modest token of thanks. To this end I hope you enjoy the video tribute below with some of the photos and music from last August. Janie put together the playlist we used and when I play the songs from the list it still brings tears to my eyes from the association with the music and such an amazing day. For those interested in Janie’s playlist, this should take you to iTunes where you can play or purchase the songs.


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