Upgrades to Dogstar website

Dogstar weather will be down for the next couple of weeks as I wait on a new weather station to be delivered. Hopefully this one will be more accurate on rainfall rates and more reliable overall – stay tuned.

I also am replacing the old consumer webcams with Unifi Protect IP cameras which are designed for enterprise security applications like the Unifi network routers and other products I use for our Wi-Fi network.

You will also see two new feeds on the webcam tab – they are from an “all sky” camera that looks straight up with a wide angle lens. Its intended to capture time lapse videos of the night sky to show meteors and other interesting thing that we might miss by not being outside on clear nights. You can see the current image as well as the time lapse video from the night before.

Be sure to check out the time lapse on this week in case some of the Quadrantids meteor shower which peak in early January.

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