Rafting on the Cheoah River

Michael Skinner, our esteemed nature leader, organized a whitewater rafting trip to the Cheoah river recently. Along with Michael, Beth and myself, we were joined by new Balsam owners Rey and Kathy Velez. Michael, Beth and I are in the raft below along with a non-Balsam guest and two guides (just in case one falls in and can’t get back to the raft!). The Cheoah is the most challenging river that the Nantahala Outdoor Center  runs. Its a dam release river with class IV and class V rapids. Everyone had a great time and no one fell in, although we did manage to have a head-on collision with Rey and Kathy’s raft while they were stuck on a rock with their raft full of water! Note the expressions – some ecstatic and some sheer terror!



Cheoah raft - Skinner

The Skinner Raft

Cheoah raft - Velez


The Velez Raft

Click here to see more photos from the trip.

Jim Stratigos

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