Partial Solar Eclipse Sunday Morning

If you have a good view of sunrise, be sure to try and see the partial solar eclipse on Sunday, November 3rd. This event is not getting much attention because due to the alignment of the Sun and Moon only a small bite of the Sun will be hidden by the Moon. Also the US is not well positioned for viewing since most of the action will occur out in the Atlantic. Most east coast cities should see a few minutes of the eclipse beginning at sun rise. You can check out local times for sunrise in you city and get more information on the eclipse at this link. As most of the U.S. will be returning to standard time before sunrise, the time of sunrise will be one hour later than you may expect. For example the sun rises at 6:59 AM EST in Atlanta.

Remember DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!. Due to the low angle at sunrise, the sun might be partially obscured by clouds or haze and may be viewed directly briefly, but to be safe use solar glasses or project the sun’s image on a piece of white paper with a pinhole camera. Do not use a camera or binoculars unless you have the proper solar filters installed!. I have a box of solar glasses at Dogstar and can leave them at the nature center if anyone is interested.



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