One week till the 2024 solar eclipse!

You do not want to miss this! The next total solar eclipse visible in the US will be in 2045!

See the previous post on details. You can view it anywhere you can see the afternoon sun. Remember to NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN without proper solar glasses. And NEVER NEVER look at the sun with binoculars or through a camera without a proper, approved solar filter. Check you glasses ahead of time to make sure there are no holes or large scratches. I will leave glasses at the Nature Center and main gate for anyone that needs them.

If you want to try photographing the eclipse with your phone you can find lots of suggestions via googling. If you are not in the path of totality, you will have to use a filter over your phone’s lens(s) for the entire event. You may be able to cut the plastic from a pair of solar glasses and tape it over your phone.

As always feel free to email with any questions about how to view or photograph the eclipse.

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