New Weather Instrument at Dogstar

I am happy to announce that we have recently installed a new weather instrument at Dogstar Observatory. Thanks to a wonderful gift from Louise Sparks, we now have a Davis Weather Stick! Employing modern solid state (Vermont balsam) technology, the angle of the stick will indicate a forecast of good weather (stick pointing up) or bad weather (stick pointing down). As you can see from the photo it is installed on the rear deck at Dogstar and in view of the rear camera that you can see at the webcam tab. For everyone who has been asking for forecasts from Dogstar Observatory we heard you!

We are enjoying the change in the weather to clear and dry at Balsam. The stars were really shining last night on Christmas Eve. Venus and Jupiter are both brilliant in the early evening and Orion the Hunter along with the Pleiades were directly overhead around 11 PM.

Merry Christmas and we hope to see everyone at the Balsam New Years party.




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