Homemade disinfectant wipes

We have been practicing social distancing for over a week at Dogstar Observatory and forgot to bring wipes from Atlanta. On a recent trip to Lowes to find some disinfectant (they were sold out of most household cleaning stuff) I did find a shelf full of a product (Mold Armor) that contains the same ammonia compounds (quaternary ammonium for you chemistry geeks) that is used in hospital disinfectants. We keep several brands in our office to test for plastic durability after repeated cleanings.

It needs to be mixed with alcohol to kill the nasty bugs that the ammonium compounds blast apart. My formula is simple, toss some cut up shop rags into a zip lock bag along with equal parts (a few teaspoons) of Mold Armor and denatured alcohol (also in stock at Lowes) and voila! – you have your very own wipes. You can even toss them in the wash after use (hot water) and put them back in the zip lock to reuse them!

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