A pair of wandering bears has been making the rounds on the east side of Balsam Mountain Preserve. Yogi and BooBoo can be seen in the photo from our security webcam after snacking on the service berry bushes in the front yard.



BooBoo was spotted by the Coltons who were driving by.



BooBoo (or maybe it was Yogi) paid a return visit the next morning. Before he could do any more damage, I tried to scare him off by yelling and waving my hands. When that did not work I chased him up the hill and down the road.

bear in road

This is a first for us at Balsam where the bears have gone from being a rare curiosity to somewhat of a nuisance. Sam the Astro Dog was very sanguine about the visit and just ambled over the window to take a closer look. He barks at passing cars, squirrels and chipmunks but not bears! Go figure.

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