Bears in a Tree

Well after not seeing bears at all this summer they decided it was time to let us know they were still here! As Janie was driving up the driveway today she spotted an adult bear on East Reach about 100 yards from our house. She yelled and I ran up the driveway after grabbing my trusty Olympus E-M1 camera. As I approached snapping the camera like crazy, the bear just looked at us and did not move. Janie drove on by and it ran down the hill but stayed close. As I was watching her (now we know!) I heard a squeak and rustling noises from above and lo and behold I was standing under a cherry tree with three cubs in it! Needless stay I observed proper bear protocol by backing away while zooming and snappy photos and videos like mad. Charlie and Jea n Harris happened by and stayed a respectful distance while trying to photograph the action. The cubs were backlit against a bright sky which made it very difficult to get a good shot on autoexposure. It was all I could do just to take photos and zoom and never had the time to go to a manual exposure setting on the E-M1. Mom and the cubs all looked healthy. Cubs were big enough to be yearlings but I could be wrong. Photos were highly cropped and adjusted for horrible lighting conditions.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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