Astronomical events

Blood moon

I managed to grab some pictures this morning around maximum eclipse. Since this was partial eclipse, a tiny sliver of the moon is still getting almost full sunlight. The rest is only illuminated by “Earth shine” which is sunlight that is filtered by the Earth’s atmosphere. The different in brightness means that exposures will be …

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If you haven’t noticed already, Mars is making itself noticed in the southeast after sunset. Mars reaches opposition in October when in its roughly 26 month orbit around the Sun, it appears on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. Mars’ orbit is elliptical like most of the planets and about every 10 …

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Last month I was lucky to witness one of the more exciting events in the sky – a daytime meteor or fireball. Fireballs are just very bright meteors – typically brighter than Venus in the night sky or bright enough to be seen in daylight. At our home in Atlanta, I just happened to walk …

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