Eclipse Collage

Ok this won't be the last word on the eclipse as I am putting together some people (as opposed to the moon and sun) photos. I wanted to give you an early peek at something I did to hang on the wall. Stay tuned for more and info on how you can order one if...

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More eclipse

One more photo of the sun's corona during the eclipse.  Because of the huge variation of light intensity across the Moon's face and the corona, astronomers use a variety of techniques to tease out the structure of the corona. In the photo below I have exaggerated the...

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What an amazing day!

Words can't begin to describe the past 24 hours. A great turnout for the eclipse trust talk at the Boarding House, a fantastic dinner prepared and served by the best club staff in the universe and the grand finale on the golf course today. Thanks to everyone who...

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Countdown to the Eclipse

In exactly 191.5 hours the moon's shadow will just begin to take a bite out of the Sun. Two hours later the Sun will be totally covered by the Moon and, weather permitting, you will see one of the greatest naked eye wonders of the sky. If the weather the past few days...

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Teaser for Solar Eclipse

Just a quick teaser on what the two main players (Sun and Moon) are up to in the weeks leading up to the total solar eclipse. These image were taken on July 16th with a small refractor telescope (about 600 mm equivalent) and an Olympus DSLR camera.The newish moon was...

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