Mouse Patrol

Must be the hot/wet weather but recently the mice have been very active around (and in!) the house. May be coincidental, but after putting traps out and tossing a victim into the woods behind the house this morning, here comes Mr. Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoletus)....

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See Mars in July

Be sure to go out and see Mars this month. It will be at opposition on July 27th. This means it is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun and thus rises at dusk and sets at dawn. Oppositions occur about every two years but this one is special because at the...

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Eclipse Collage

Ok this won't be the last word on the eclipse as I am putting together some people (as opposed to the moon and sun) photos. I wanted to give you an early peek at something I did to hang on the wall. Stay tuned for more and info on how you can order one if interested.

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